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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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the we also want to thank her for being such an extraordinary, exceptional educational leader dedicated to the students of san francisco and personally, thank you for being such a fine friend to me and my family. [applause] today, she is joined by many people who love her. i would like to introduce to you as she receives her award, her husband, a former educator, and her son. [applause] >> thank you so much. i am sincerely overwhelmed by this award. and this magnificent, beautiful room in the most beautiful city in the world.
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i am very proud to be standing here. thank you to emily murase, also the executive director of the department of the status of women. yes, emily, thank you. for the past 40 years, i have had the privilege and pleasure of working with young people in san francisco and i can say firsthand that the greatest tool for empowering them to lead successful and productive lives is through education. there is no stronger tool for fighting poverty and inequality and helping students gain confidence through education. none of us do this alone.
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no one is better than the team that they are surrounded with. i have been surrounded by the most wonderful, talented, committed team of teachers, staff members, parents, family members, and i am very grateful to all of them for helping me and for also helping make children's lives better. i thank them for giving me such a fulfilling career. of course, i would love to a big shot for my family and thank them. my daughter is unable to be here tonight. she is in london, poor thing. i would like to thank my son, graduate of san francisco public schools. my husband, for being patient every night, listening to my stories. sometimes my accomplishments, sometimes my frustrations.
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i want to thank my husband for making sure i have a nutritious meal every night. thank you again for the recommendation, supervisor mar. [applause] president chiu: our next presentation will be provided by our newest member of the san francisco board of supervisors, supervisor olague.
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[applause] supervisor olague: i would like to call up sheila harris young and toni gomes. i will speak to all of you at the same time. i was unable to decide -- there are so many incredible women in district 5. i will give it to a new set of friends and an old friend who i have been wanting to honor for some time. the theme this year is women's education and women's economic strength. i will give an honor to women's economic strength and education and i want to thank the commission for allowing the ability to honor both of you, all three of you.
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sheila harris young and tony young make up the dynamic mother-daughter team. for three generations, they have shared a family generation for cookies that led to their dream of running a business. sheila harris young's mother taught her to bake when she was growing up in washington d.c. and she remembers making her first batch of cookies for an orphanage as a girl scout. when she became a mother to toni, she passed along her recipe and love for baking. after decades of sharing cookies with families and friends, they began to sell their cookies online and even partnered with local grocery stores to sell locally. after the initial success, they finally decided to start their own independent, family-owned business. it has been over one year since the initial opening and they have been getting accolades for their delicious recipe on yelp,
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7x7, and they're being recognized as one of the best cookies in san francisco. congratulations. in addition to their hard work and keeping their business running, they are both rooted in serving the community and sharing their compassion. prior to becoming a small business owner, she was an intensive care nurse for three decades. she remained active in the community and volunteered regularly at the catholic church and shelters. today, we commend them for their work and for being trailblazers for women of color entr epreneurs. i also want to commend the work of nancy. i was reminded of the importance of faith-based communities to
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the health and well-being of this city. we are in an era where fundamentalism and spiritual arrogance seem to be the focus of the day. we forget sometimes that faith is where -- and faith-based communities are where people learn their values, around family, around compassion for others, where they develop a sense of community. and where we frequently will see values and actions. they are the ones making it happen. i wanted to honor you. i was there for a brief time but it was incredible to see the work you were doing with children and their families. also, you work quietly and holly getting boxes of food ready for delivery to homeless shelters. i just think it is important to remind ourselves that there is a
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very positive contribution that faith-based communities still land to our city. i did not realize that when we added you to our list of honorees. all three of you are very involved and very committed to creating a better society. when i mention this to phil, a member of your congregation, and i believe his children attend your religious school, he used a word that stands for "repairing the world." i want to honor all three of you for your work, not just with your families and businesses, but trying to repair the world, making it a better place. i am happy that you will receive these awards carry -- these awards.
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[applause] >> i am not one to stand during ceremonies, so i'm going to sit down. but i just want to thank you all. >> thank you to supervisor olague and to the board of supervisors for having us here today. we are humbled. every day that i get up, i think of ways to serve others. it is an honor to serve our community. thank you to our friends and family that showed up to support
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us today. thank you. [applause] >> i would like to thank you, supervisor olague, for shining a light on the work that is so important to me. i would like people to know that when i moved to san francisco 44 years ago, i have been in district 5 since then. my husband is african american and 15 years older than me. we opened a retail store on eighth street, which we own for 25 years. it is the crossroads of the world. what i learned was that what i learned as a child, i have an obligation to take care of not only my family but to others and to give back to the community. that has informed my work.
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after our business there, i had a recycling business. now i am so honored to be leading the education at our synagogue. we began feeding people for the interfaith shelter in 1990, when they opened. since then, we have been feeding 10,000 people -- 10,000 meals per year. every sunday, our kitchen has become the crossroads of the world. not just our congregation, but all walks of san franciscans come to our kitchens. a lot of people find their faith in the house of worship were shipping. what i have learned in that kitchen is that, for many people, their prayer is they're doing the work of their hands and giving back to our community. thanks a lot for the opportunity. [applause]
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[applause] president chiu: our final presentation that they will be provided by our district 8 colleague, supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener: when i took office, i knew there were a lot of responsibilities. one thing that i did not anticipate was the number of fires that we would have to deal with in our district.
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it was just a horrible thing. about one month after i took office, an arsonist got loose and started dumping garbage on the front porch of people's houses and setting it on fire in the middle of the night. people were trapped in their homes. there were five or six of them. it got to the point that i was dreading when our fire chief's name would come on my phone at 5:00 in the morning. in the middle of the year, we had a horrible fire in the diamond heights that resulted in the deaths of two of our fire fighters. in september, we had a major fire on 24 street above the radio shack that we -- that resulted in some tenants being burned out of their homes. it is incredibly traumatic for everyone involved.
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as firefighters, we came together as a city and mourn their passing. people in the community were burned out of their homes. it is always unclear of what will be able to happen, whether they will find alternative housing, who is going to help them. fortunately, the fires in the castro and the valley, it was apparent, after the series of courses in the castro, two of my three women of the year came forward and said, we want to help, we want to raise money for these tenants. for one thing we learned is about two-thirds of the tenants do not have renter's insurance. all of their clothing, their furniture, everything goes to nothing. nothing to help them get back on their feet. they came forward and put together a wonderful event.
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they were able to raise a good deal of money to help these tenants get back on their feet. then we had the fire on 24 straight -- on 24th st. my third woman of the year came out of nowhere and it decided to was going to do a fund-raiser. there were some auction items and she raised a good deal of money to help the tenants who were burned out. it is really just amazing to me when people who do not know any of these people or have a tangential connection come forward to say, we want to help because it is the right thing to do. to come together as a community and to help the people who are in need. catherine, beth, kate, it is my
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great honor to recognize you as the district eight women of the year. congratulations. come on up and say something. [applause] and i know that the chief want to be here today because she is also very proud of you. >> thank you. we are honored to have you here, and a fellow woman. thank you to supervisor wiener and the board of supervisors. we would also like to thank the san francisco board on the status of women for recognizing all of the women here today. we were talking amongst ourselves and we realize the common theme was that we heard of fellow san franciscans who were in need. we thought, what can we do? the only thing that we know how to do is to best utilize our skill sets to help our fellow residents. in no way did we think we would
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be honored today. it is a nice surprise. after hearing about all of the other amazing women today, we feel a little on worthy and unqualified. >> dramatically so. >> we thank you very much and we are pleased to have you represent district 8. thank you. [applause]
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[applause] president chiu: that includes all of our commendations. i would like to invite up to the podium the executive director of the status of women department. >> these women are clearly an integral part of the fabric of our community. i love my job. i just returned from new york, reporting on our work in san francisco to the un commission on the status of women and internationally on the work that
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we do here. of course, we are pushing to bring the world conference on women here to san francisco in july of 2015. 50,000 liters from around the world. we will be asking for your support. at this time, i want to invite everyone to a brief program and reception downstairs with first lady anita lee and the mayor's honoree for women's month, he the lozano sisters. this reception is made possible by the friends of the commission for the status of women. thank you so much for your for dissipation today. -- for your participation today. president chiu: thank you for being here. everyone who is here for the celebration, if you would like to proceed to the reception.
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and we do have of additional business that we need to conduct. if you could please exit stage left. why don't we take a three-minute recess?
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president chiu: we are back to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for march 6, 2012. if you could see -- if you could please take your conversations outside, that would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much. thank you. we have no one final commendation to be provided by
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supervisor chu. supervisor chu: i am proud to be able to speak to the girl scouts one-hundredth anniversary and provide a special commendation for them. it is co-sponsored by a number of supervisors. i should say that supervisor avalos wanted to make sure that he deferred to the women supervisors to sponsor this item. special thanks to supervisor avalos for recognizing the importance of this. several representatives are here today. the northern california council office is here. as well as several girl scouts. accepting the certificate of honor is anastasia, a delegate from girl scouts usa. there are over 47,000 girls in
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the northern california council that take part in the girl scout program each year. there are more than 3300 girls in san francisco to take part. it provides programs for the developmental, educational, emotional, and social needs of girls from kindergarten through high school. their mission is to develop confidence, courage, and character in girls to create a better place. it is very coincidental but appropriate that the girl scout 100th anniversary celebration happens today as we celebrate a bunch of amazing women for women's history month. make sure that you celebrate, by some thin mints, samoas, other thing to support the girl scouts. would you like to say a few things? >> on behalf of the girl scouts, i would like to think the board for recognizing march 12 as a girl scout week.
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girls doubts bills prominence and character and makes the world a better place. in the next 100 years, i hope we look forward to continuing our mission. thank you. president chiu: thank you and congratulations. thank you and congratulations. madam clerk, can we go to our adoption calendar? >> items 18-24 are considered for immediate adoption without
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reference. this will be enacted by a single roll call vote unless it is set -- unless an item is severed. supervisor wiener: item 21. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor olague: aye. supervisor wiener: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: those resolutions are adopted. let's call item 21. >> the resolution opposing restrictions on food trucks proximity to schools. supervisor wiener: i introduced this last week. i have been talking to --
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hearing from various folks on it. i think we have good support and i look forward to passing this next week. i do want to continue this one week. i hope we will have a unanimous vote next week. i also have a couple of typographical errors and i apologize for that. i have some amendments here. i move the amendments and i move to continue it one week. i do want to know -- to note that the opposition is a broad and diverse. in the last few days, both the chronicle and guardian have come out against it. there is a view of how we should locally be regulating food trucks. that is a legitimate debate to have. the fact is, we should be making those decisions locally in san francisco abasing --
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based on the unique needs of our city. sacramento should not be imposing a one size fits all solution that applies equally in san francisco and anaheim, and fresno. i showed the map last week where 80-90% of the city would be completely off limits to food trucks. if it were to pass. i do believe there is a possibility of improving ab 1678. i have spoken to the sponsor. i think it is critically important that cedras is to make clear that the current form of this legislation is not acceptable to us and i look forward to the vote next week. president chiu: first, there is a motion to amend. it is seconded triet can we take it without objection? without objection, that should be the case. he has also made a motion to continue. isre


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